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A road map to define and align your business strategy with your business process, this publication is written to help leaders address the Fourth Industrial Revolution we’re experiencing to become another simultaneous pursuit of differentiation to open up new markets and create demand that is relevant. The Art of the Pivot Revelations book help readers learn how to develop systems and process from industry’s periphery to the heart of business. It offers an unconventional and innovative strategy that should significantly increase capacity while transitioning ideas into realities, people into future-focused thinkers, and organizations that think strategically, focus sharply and move quickly. This publication is not about disruption or execution of strategy in isolation; however, it is about affecting disruptive change after doing the work, in parallel, to ensure significant outcomes are achieved with great impact on the return of strategy and execution.


The Go Slow to Go Fast strategy counteracts Big-bang disruptors, causing change without early warning signs that makes practitioners incredibly hard to combat. Leaders using the strategy understand that two things are sure to happen; you either disrupt or you’re going to be disrupted! For this reason, this publication offers proven and credible strategic principles to help leaders and organizations survive big bangs to become Big-bang disruptors in their own right, creating their own strategic advantage within the competitive landscape they operate. On completion, readers will be better equipped to:

  • Think strategically, focus sharply, move quickly (as extraordinary leaders do),
  • Integrate new strategy perspectives to grow revenues, market share and profits,
  • Create differentiated products, services and behaviors using disruptive innovation thinking, and Understand how to disrupt incumbent markets to avoid Big-bang disruptions.

This text offers a step-wise procedural approach that reviewers have called “a timely paradigm shift that creates much needed dialogue with an objective approach for thought-leadership decisions to be made” about how to challenge the norms using empirical findings that will ‘work,’ ‘will matter’ and ‘will stick!’

The Success TRAPS publication shows how to access the roots of achieving personal and professional mastery by transforming life’s greatest finding; your voice. When people feel undervalued, unsatisfied, disheartened, or unacknowledged with a sense of no voice or unique contribution, this is a trap to their own success. The text shows how to use traditional business, management, and leadership principles and takes them into non-business spheres to help thinkers solve problems, master the art of mobilizing resources and people, and create pathways to achieve common objectives with the people that influences them. 

Success TRAPS is the answer that awakens value in life and gives a sense of inner peace for lasting fulfillmentan imperative for significance and extraordinary outcomes. This book will transform the way you must use your voice and feel good about yourself to achieve a higher purpose. It will help to increase personal proficiencies and professional mastery for those individuals who are searching to find their unique voice in life.

The accompanying Success Traps Concept’s Guide further explains the metaphors, idioms, and strategies outlined in book. It provides a collaborative set of methods to create opportunities, manage your life’s workflow, and maximize your productivity as a way of accomplishing new growth and new business for your future. 

At first glance, this book may seem to be just another publication filled with leadership philosophies to focus on advice you already know: establish a well thought-out strategy forward, prioritize and focus on leadership of self, and how to change internal/external resources to change everything else. But, the consistent quality and creativity may pleasantly surprise you.

Author Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts, proposes a new way to lead the charge to change. Successfirmations: Think, Reveal, Receive calls for eliminating outdated approaches to embrace new skills, a positive mental attitude, adaptive behaviors and team building maneuvers to achieve your desired effects within your Future Picture. 

Today’s competitive ideals demand precise decision-making and bold implementation. Skipper's counsel in the book combines abstracts of wisdom with a healthy dose of self-assessment to help leaders face the ongoing challenges that stem from these competitions, while executing their work with artistry. The solid touchstones offer lessons for leaders to understand how to differentiate between the “Future” versus the “Future Picture.” One defines direction, while the latter defines time travel. This process takes time, significant amounts of energy and self-knowledge, but the rewards leaders and organizations will achieve is very well worth the trip.

Napoleon Hill is quoted as saying; “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes.” This text helps you to consider and ask: when was the last time you looked into the mirror to accept the truths about the reflection staring back. Consider the inside pages of this book your chance to do so.


Author and U.S. Marine turned business professional Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts outlined warfighting strategies that breaks inherited ways of thinking, cultural assumptions and rules, and provide patterns for charting the complex organizational situations and competitive scenarios associates may face along their journey of becoming a great team member. 

This publication isolates key factors that drive performance as the sum of many parts to make teams more disciplined, agile, and capable to achieve the outcomes of their missions: to identify, locate, and win competitive environments by means of thinking strategically, focusing sharply, and moving quickly.

The text shows why competition is able to remain irrelevant when the team decides for itself that traditional ways of thinking about competitive environments no longer matters. Readers learn ways to win by means of mastering the art of the pivot using the principles of maneuver warfare and search & destroy missionsbefore being forced to pivot by marketplace behavior.      

Author Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts presents a new solution to a traditional set of personal and professional development problemsincrease personal proficiency while achieving professional mastery. This text is a must-read for readers who wish to get a good grasp on the metaphors, idioms and strategies outlined in Skipper’s publication titled “Success TRAP: Awaken your Realized Potential for Lasting Fulfillment.”

The Concepts Guide unlocks the powerful features found in the body of the Success TRAPS publication and taught in the workshops. You will gain an understanding of how you can identify with each strategy and learn how to fit them into your personal and business life. 

The text provides a collaborative set of methods to create opportunities as a way of managing new growth and new business for your future. The guide has many powerful features to help you better manage your life’s workflow and maximize your productivity. And, it helps to unlock those features by giving you a good foundation for understanding the basic concepts used to overcome the many Success TRAPS in your life.

In Building Great Teamsthe Monograph, author Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts illustrates how leaders and organizations are able to address, achieve and sustain success across decades, and even centuries. The reason is essentially great team work. Based on interviews and workshops with 100+ business sector executive education participants and leaders, Pitts learned the many differences between successful organizations and those that are not. This text shows how to increase ability (effort) to build and manage the process of great team work.